Frequently Asked Questions

Why Eye Candy?

Eye Candy is a professional yet cost-effective brochure website solution for customers who want an attractive web presence without the price tag. Being responsive it looks great across all popular devices (desktop, tablet and mobile). We don't believe that so called "do it yourself" website builders hit the mark - they look cheap and aren't visually tailored to your brand. As a customer your time is valuable and it is far better spent on your area of expertise rather then trying to design your own website. Consider this, if someone gave you a pair of pliers to pull out a bad tooth technically it would do the job but it does not make you a dentist! With Eye Candy you get a tailored website that looks great to the end-user whilst being search engine friendly and affordable! What's not to like?

Yes. Eye Candy is our entry level small business brochure website solution and if you have any extra requirements over and above those mentioned, for example you want to add more features please call to discuss and we'll give you a favourable price

Yes, that's no problem and we'll even configure the DNS records for you if you need our help.

No. Eye Candy is a hosted platform solution and the standard solution is not portable. Our hosting fee includes support to fix any bugs, technical advice in relation to domains, DNS records and email.

Eye Candy built using the latest client-side web standards (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap 4.0 framework). Server side we use ASP.Net C# with Razor on the latest .Net framework.

Eye Candy is a trading style or brand name of Advansys Limited, a leading ecommerce and web company established in 2000 in the UK. We put security first as as such we have achieved PCI DSS Level 1 accreditation which is the highest possible.

Eye Candy use it's own internal database and is not reliant on any "insecure" CMS. We wanted to create a lightweight system as an alternative to WordPress or similar open source CMS platforms as we believe these are far too heavy, not to mention confusing, for smaller brochure web sites. As Eye Candy is not open source it is more secure and being lightweight it does not suffer with sluggish performance issues.

The standard solution does not come with access to a CMS - the pages are to all intents and purposes static - however technically the pages are dynamically served and we do have an upgraded option to allow you access to the CMS. Unless you intend to change your pages frequently we recommend keeping with a standard solution.

Once we have the necessary information we aim to design an build your website within 5-10 working days. As we work on a low fixed price basis we have no incentive to delay a project however time-frames can be affected for many reasons and as such are advisory and not contractual.

We sincerely hope you'll never want to move away but in this event we provide you with the HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery and all images and page content relating to the site. You do not receive the database or any server side scripting code that is used as part of our platform so you will need to be responsible for configuring your site elsewhere as either static pages or integrating into another CMS.
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